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Digital big change

Digital Business Is Driving ‘Big Change’

Digital business connects not only people and businesses, but also connects people and businesses with things to drive revenue and efficiency. Digital business helps to eliminate barriers that now exist among industry segments, while creating new value chains and business opportunities that traditional businesses cannot offer. In Plummer’s (Vp &Gartner Fellow) view digitalization and the…

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Ticketmat. The new dematerialization frontiers by Paybay

Paybay launched with patent pending “Ticketmat”, the totem that enable tickets’ dematerialization, put on Market by QUI! Group, a leading Italian company in the market of tickets and vouchers for corporate welfare, in payment systems and loyalty programs.  Ticketmat allows merchants to de-materialize meal vouchers, benefit vouchers and coupons made in QUI! Group and, soon,…

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Digital Money & Service. Paybay obtained the patent for iPay®

Paybay announces that it has obtained the own patent for iPay®, the omni-channel payment system that enables the de-materialization of cash, payment cards, loyalty cards, coupons and other tickets with a face value in cash. Launched in 2011 as part of its own Business offer, iPay® currently evolved into a transactional gateway, now included into…

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