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Every brand intensely focuses on ways to build better relationships and deeper loyalty with their consumers, independently of whether it is a Loyalty circuit retail-based or Exclusive brand-based.

From the collection points to the catalog rewards, loyalty programs have grown in recent years, the airlines and credit card companies are the first beneficiary, offering integrated programs and stand-alone. In particular, the Coalition Program allows companies to strengthen relationships with customers, giving an economic advantage or privilege in many areas.

 Research by “Maritz Loyalty Marketing” says that the number of loyalty programs in the United States continue to grow up to 2.647 billion of subscription. A consumer follows an average of 7.4 loyalty programs, but is an active participant just in 63% of these programs.

In 2015, the fundamental move from today’s cross-channel retail shopping model to a cross-industry, customer-centric multi-channel fulfillment model, is the basis of changes in the way of understanding the customer experience and worth of loyalty programs in brand strategies. That’s why, driven by the trends of consumerization and digitalization, retailers are striving to become more customer-centric, also by supporting of reference brands (in case of franchise stores) or by brand’s affiliate programs.

TechCrunch recently reported that Amazon, the world’s largest internet-based retailer, released its new Surprise! by Amazon app in December 2014, offering a solution for consumers to send highly personalized digital gift cards, along with a personalized, branded animation experience easily from their mobile devices. Through the app, users can customize an Amazon gift card delivery through a number of multimedia options including photos, audio and even video.

We can also say that Mobile Loyalty today is the new frontier of loyalty campaigns, because It makes immediate the interaction with phisical shops and, at the same time, allows brand improving relationship with its audience, trough a series of new marketing strategies, enabled by technology and new ecosystem like Social Networks.

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Posted on 18 March 2015 in Loyalty

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