Paybay extends its Tytn platform with new certifications.

Paybay started the Red Hat certification process for its own Tytn platform. RedHat is the world’s leading provider of open source enterprise IT products and services. The certification process involves a series of meetings with the RedHad team, with focus on platform performance in relation to the management of high volumes of data traffic. Today,…

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Respond to market changes through the Scrum methodology

In 2001 was launched the manifesto Agile, with included the main principles for Agile method “Individuals and interactions are worth more than processes and tools” – “Running software over the understanding documentation” – “Working with the customer rather than contracts negotiation” – “Replay to change is worth more than following a plan”  Scrum Agile is the…

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Technology Evolution: where are we going ? @Cor.Com

  The 4th december in Rome was held at Rome Events in Piazza di Spagna, the event dedicated to digital economy in Italy, sponsorized by CorCom. The event was introduced by Gildo Campesato, Editor in Chief at “Corriere Communications”, which launched CorCom, the journal’s digital restyling. Paybay has attended to the event’s roundtable with Pierluigi…

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Old vs New Economy? NO, only digital economy!

On December 4, from 09:45 to 13:00 in Rome at Piazza di Spagna, will be held the event “Old vs New Economy? NO, only digital economy!”, organized by CORCOM, the digital economy and innovation newspaper.   The event will host italian disruptive innovators, which will illustrate the most important experiences of digital innovation in our…

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Carte2014, the Electronic Payments Market open to the innovation.

The 19h of November, in Rome was held at the Salone delle Fontane, fifteenth edition of Carte2014, organized by ABIEventi and BANCOMAT Consortium, dedicated to the financial tech solutions for payments industry. Two intensive days in the presence of many speechs from different Manager of Banks and Financial Istitutions. QUI! Group and Paybay was attended…

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Paybay chosen for “Three days as a Manager”, the initiative of ManagerItalia

Today Companies to boost their own growth, need to focus on human resources: support young people, discover and retain talent and motivate employees are primary dimensions in the Market and an interesting element to create competitiveness. Young people are a key resource for companies that want to remain competitive in the future market; That’s why…

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CARTE 2014, the Convention on Payments and Innovation

On 18 and 19 November 2014 to be held in Rome at the Salone delle Fontane CARTE 2014, the Conference & Expo organized from ABI in partnership with Consortium ATM. The event is dedicated to payment cards as well as to mobile payments, e-commerce and to other innovative systems and electronic payment services.   An…

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SIA Expo, one step ahead in electronic payment

The 25h of October, in Milan was held at the Marriott Hotel, the ninth edition of Sia Expo, the leading event in the payments industry and finance. A day of great success,that has seen development ‘e-payment world, with the push of the digital. During the event, the discussion dealt that participated financial institutions, businesses and…

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Big Data Tech

what will be the next step in the world of Big Data? The word from the experts.

The 25th of September Palazzo dei Congressi in Florence hosted BigDatatech, a meeting dedicated to the possibilities and the business prospects that Big Data can activate. The speakers showed their case histories and some concrete examples on how to approach the Big Data. One of the speakers Salvatore Incandela, Chief Architect of Paybay Networks, during…

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The Italian Retailers ready for the “full digital”

Is ongoing the project launched by Paybay to create first national merchants network linked to “full digital” services Passpartù, the system that allows to validate tickets and coupon QUI! Group branded, with 2.0 tools (POS, Mobile App and Mobile POS, innovative cash registers). Today, Passpartù Mobile Application has reached over 1300 download across different App…

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