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Java developer with security knowledge background – Roma

The candidate will be placed into a group dedicated to the analysis and development of solutions on the following issues:

  • sensitive data protection
  • channels communication protection
  • payment security
  • security web app and mobile app

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and characteristics:

  • Java Programming Language
  • Linux (os basics e bash scripting)
  • Cryptographic Standards: DES, AES, RSA, DSA, TLS
  • Authentication protocols: OAuth, SAML, Kerberos
  • Libraries and frameworks: Spring, JCA, BouncyCastle, Spring-Security, WS-Security, Apache Shiro
  • Tool: Maven, Owasp ZAP, SoapUI
  • Security Assessment e Threat Modeling con OWASP, STRIDE, DREAD, CVSS
  • Standards and regulations for payments security PCI-DSS, BCE, Co.Ge.Ban
  • Hardware Security Module Safenet


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