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Con l’App store per POS, Paybay apre le porte ad un nuovo mercato digitale

Prosegue la crescita del mercato dei pagamenti elettronici in Italia. Secondo il politecnico di Milano, a fine 2016 ci saranno in Italia tra 120 e 250mila mobile Pos, che transeranno complessivamente tra 2 e 3 miliardi di euro l’anno. Uno sviluppo evidente della digitalizzazione che vede protagonisti gli esercenti e i professionisti del settore. Paybay a…

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Investire sull’innovazione! L’obbiettivo di pubblici e privati

Il modo di fare innovazione è cambiato, siamo entrati nella fase dell’innovazione “disruptive”. L’innovazione è un fattore fondamentale per lo sviluppo dell’economia e la competitività delle imprese, oltre ad essere un principale motore di crescita della società. È ormai certo che lo smartphone è il miglior esempio d’innovazione disruptive con il suo ecosistema di App,…

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The Mobile Payments Generation

The cash is still the favorite, but the mobile payment is growing. According to Gartner, the estimates of the Mobile Payment worldwide market in 2016 will be worth 617 billion dollars. This because the smartphones are became essential tools for carrying out a huge range of everyday activities,also The idea of paying with your phone…

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Digital payments : a patent on the multichannel digital wallet

In a few years, banknotes will be considered outmoded. In these weeks, Norway is going to design guidelines of the European legislative reforms about cash digitalization process. In the middle of this Copernican revolution, Paybay obtained an important patent on the multichannel “digital wallet” system that allows to elaborate cloud and p2p payments. In order…

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Digital revolution pass through the Cryptocurrency

In the evolution toward digital business, we are seeing new business designs, enable by technology, that are reshaping the balance of power in established industries and leaving significant disruption in their wake. The ability of digital to change existing value and process chains (either disintermediation existing players or creating a new information based intermediary with…

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Paybay will participate at Loyalty Expo 2015

Paybay will participate at 8th Annual Loyalty Expo 2015, next April 27/29, in Orlando, FL. Loyalty Expo is a true Voice of the Customer-driven, best practice-focused customer loyalty and reward conference. Market leaders will be sharing their experiences and insights on customer retention strategies and the new trends. The Loyalty Marketers Association Loyalty Expo has…

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Digital big change

Digital Business Is Driving ‘Big Change’

Digital business connects not only people and businesses, but also connects people and businesses with things to drive revenue and efficiency. Digital business helps to eliminate barriers that now exist among industry segments, while creating new value chains and business opportunities that traditional businesses cannot offer. In Plummer’s (Vp &Gartner Fellow) view digitalization and the…

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Beyond imagination with the Internet of Things.

Today is possible to manage the home technology with just one click, it’s not the imagination. We currently live beyond the imagination created of a 80s cult film, “Back to the Future”, which screened in 2015 and based on a series of “futuristic” inventions, today real. For example, the house where everything is connected, Marty…

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Table game


Generate innovation, create loyalty, motivate employees and increase the activity of customers, today gamification covers all areas and not only of social. “Generation Y” (young people born in the early 80s) also known as ” Next Generation ” saw the birth of the mobile games with “Snake” in 1997, reaching the age of App games…

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Paybay brings technology in cash register

Paybay brings technology in cash register. The Qui! Group digitization of the network operators has launched. The system will accept electronic payments, validate vouchers and coupons. There are more than 2 thousand “Digital Merchant” active in three months. Paybay in partnership with Qui! Group has launched the project “Digital Merchant”, introducing an integrated acceptance system…

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