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Gartner Symposium IT Xpo 2015. The future of Digital Business

Gartner Symposium ITXpo2015, the most important annual gathering of CIOs and senior IT leaders, took place in Barcelona from 8th to 12th November. This year’s topic is a call to action for the CIO “to Rise to the Challenge” and be a proactive contributor to business growth. Digital technology is evolving and will become the…

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Investire sull’innovazione! L’obbiettivo di pubblici e privati

Il modo di fare innovazione è cambiato, siamo entrati nella fase dell’innovazione “disruptive”. L’innovazione è un fattore fondamentale per lo sviluppo dell’economia e la competitività delle imprese, oltre ad essere un principale motore di crescita della società. È ormai certo che lo smartphone è il miglior esempio d’innovazione disruptive con il suo ecosistema di App,…

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keep up with Innovation or Die.

Digital technology is evolving and will become the universal language, the channel through which people will make the most important decisions about how to better serve their customers and generate more revenues and profits. We are going through the disruptive innovation era with an unprecedented pace and with a disruptive impact on enterprises.   “The…

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The Mobile Payments Generation

The cash is still the favorite, but the mobile payment is growing. According to Gartner, the estimates of the Mobile Payment worldwide market in 2016 will be worth 617 billion dollars. This because the smartphones are became essential tools for carrying out a huge range of everyday activities,also The idea of paying with your phone…

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How we will live into a smart city?

This is the era of “smart” cities. The cities invest in infrastructure and people are more connected, better-informed and more environment friendly, they are driven toward a future where city governance and urban living will be as connected as the functions on their smartphone. The cities are the most likely places to create innovative applications…

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