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Paybay announces that it has obtained the own patent for iPay®, the omni-channel payment system that enables the de-materialization of cash, payment cards, loyalty cards, coupons and other tickets with a face value in cash. Launched in 2011 as part of its own Business offer, iPay® currently evolved into a transactional gateway, now included into digital platform Tytn Blue Tiger powered by Paybay, for certification of both the payment services and the value-added services, such as couponing, loyalty.

How does iPay® work:

iPay® ( integrates a system to book and/or purchase goods and/or services, by relating Customer and Merchant (both with a devices connected to the management platform, access to which requires to type identificative codes  – now also integrated with touch-ID as well as biometric systems – to enable payment within the platform’s storage unit). iPay® allows to combine into a digital wallet all payment systems, ensuring accessible services anywhere in mobility, and strong safety during transactional phase.

This configuration, according to intentions of the iPay® project promoter, Pierluigi Simonetta, is particularly secure, because the sensitive data, such as the credit card identification data, are never displayed: customer is recorded by inserting the preferred payment methods, so the transaction takes place at level of a secure server management platform, compliant with international safety standards.

iPay® combines to the payment performances the opportunity to create a historical transactions archive, both for Customer and Merchant. iPay®, indeed, provides series of Reports that enable user, either merchant or customer, to review/research/analyze their purchases and their products, as well as the performance of his shopping and of their any earnings.

At the same time, iPay® enables de-materialization of vouchers and discount coupons paper-based and its related balance sheet to the system, to receive refund for product/service offered. The service allows Merchant to frame the ticket identification code and to digitize it within the management platform. During the launch of iPay®, indeed, Paybay has patented a de-materialized ticket, with a unique code (QR code or bar code), which identifies and certifies the vouchers’ validity in real time. The code is covered by a layer of removable material. This enables Merchant, once received the ticket (meal vouchers, coupons, discount ticket), to validate it in real time, framing the code via optical drive or via smartphone App and, at the same time, to proceed to bill online.

Merchant, in addition to payment and de-materialization, with iPay® can:

- Promoting goods and/or services to their customers, via web portal and/or via mobile push;

- Receive information related to the feedback on the goods/services sold and information about any requests from customers of goods/services not yet present in the offer given by Merchant;

- Receive information and specific data related to the customers’ shopping trend (by area, age and income bracket).

Customer behavior and spending trends, today are really important for companies. Penny Gillespie, research director at Gartner, in “Predicts 2015: Adaptable, Innovative Approaches Digital Commerce Drive Opportunities” says: “over the next three years, 60% of investments in digital commerce will be spent  on customer’s journey analysis. “

Also, the system allow real time communication between Merchant, in order to ensure the exchange of information related to their sales areas and interact to create an integrated offering that includes multiple products/services offered by different merchants (unified shopping packages).

If a Merchant has its own e-commerce, iPay® enables to add a simple link in the Retailer’s website, to enable the payment’s acceptance by a customer registered into management platform, through the payment gateway iPay ® via web.

- Get Discounts and promotions from Merchant on products/services;

- Identify Retailers as well as the offers closest its position with the geo-location service;

- Carry out a refueling at Petrol station, paying the amount and automatically unlocking the dispenser before refueling;

- Make a purchase with device enabled to frame the product/service identification code (such as the QR code or barcode, present on brochures and billboards); iPay® is also compatible with NFC devices, to enable contactless payment service.

Moreover, thanks to the combination with popular and evolved geographical location systems, the iPay® payment method can be used to make a payment around and verifying the area where it was made. So iPay® allows to make the payment of services limited to a specific geographic area, such as parking, eco-pass tax or ZTL, easily and safely.

Also, iPay® encourages people (users of the platform management) to interact with each other in real-time and also promotes integration with the social profiles of users with the ability to:

- Assess / vote / share impressions about merchants;

- Assess / vote / share impressions about products/services offered by merchants;

- Assess / vote / share impressions about the quality and reliability of service.

Ultimately, system and methods described above enable creation of a community where is possible to sale or booking goods and services.

Despite the presence of large operators such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other, increasingly Retailers are starting to use Internet to promote their products, sell online, empty warehouses and respond smartly to the economic crisis as well as to the drop in consumption.

It is in this mobile payment growth context that fits the offer Paybay setup to allow Retailers to increase sales and to the end customer to purchase products and services at affordable prices, focusing all in a full digital shopping experience. Paybay launched earlier this year the project “Passpartù”, introducing within the Retail industry an integrated acceptance system that allows to accept electronic payments and Value Added Services, such as meal voucher, coupon and other tickets paper-based and electronic (on Card and Mobile) in a simple and safe way. With Passpartù, Paybay propose to turn the current affiliated merchant network QUI! Group (food and non food – 150.000) into a network fully digitized, that is equipped with digital acceptance tools (POS, Mobile App and Mobile POS, Innovative cash register, NFC and Touch ID).

Michael (IDC) says that this will be the year of the digital wallet. He assert that mobile payments will reach a turning point in 2015, driven in part by lower security problems recorded in the last year and in part by the popularity of Apple Pay. Retailers must provide a more simple, but more personalized Mobile shopping, which is fundamental in the customer journey. This view is supported by KPMG’s analysis, according to which 1 Retailer out of five is already making the acceptance of mobile payment a feature of its consumer offering.

For retailers, therefore, this means that the technology is becoming more immediate and integrated into the customers’ shopping experience (push notifications and beacons, for example), who have become more demanding in their interactions with the brand, called today to anticipate their needs.


Posted on 13 January 2015 in News

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