Paybay will participate at Loyalty Expo 2015


Paybay will participate at 8th Annual Loyalty Expo 2015, next April 27/29, in Orlando, FL.

Loyalty Expo is a true Voice of the Customer-driven, best practice-focused customer loyalty and reward conference. Market leaders will be sharing their experiences and insights on customer retention strategies and the new trends.

The Loyalty Marketers Association Loyalty Expo has earned the reputation of being one of the industry’s premier events. The three-day event will provide the knowledge necessary to guide the brands on the right path to reach customers’ loyalty.

Pierluigi Simonetta, CEO Paybay, during the event, will illustrate the strategies as well as the Group’s vision about new digital business as well as on technology developments.

Also, Simonetta will explain the main functionalities of new digital wallet created by Paybay, that combines payment and loyalty cards as well as gift cards, coupon, ticket and branded currency too.

The Digital wallet lets customer paying with credit card, but also does away with that pesky problem of digging out his loyalty card to earn points to spend as he want it.

The Digital wallet integrates a system to book and/or purchase goods and/or services, by relating Customer and Merchant (both with a devices connected to the management platform, access to which requires to type identificative codes – now also integrated with touch-ID as well as biometric systems – to enable payment within the platform’s storage unit).

At last, the new digital wallet allows customer to activate the “autopay” functionality, through which the best payment option is automatically processed by combining the payment instrument, that the customer decided to connect to his digital wallet.


Paybay has obtained the own patent for iPay®,the omni-channel payment system that enables the de-materialization of cash, payment cards, loyalty cards, coupons and other tickets with a face value in cash. Launched in 2011 as part of its own Business offer, iPay® currently evolved into a transactional gateway, now included into digital platform Tytn Blue Tiger powered by Paybay, for certification of both the payment services and the value-added services, such as couponing, loyalty.

Gartner forecasted that:

By 2017, 70% of customer communications will be digital, contextualized and consumed on demand via multiple channels, including the Web, mobile devices and social media.

The digital wallet is redefining the relationship between consumers and merchants.

Paybay with a new Digital wallet should finding solutions that will deliver new value for the consumer and improve their shopping experience.

Consumers continue to embrace the mobile Internet and other cloud-based services and applications.

Customer loyalty programs are set to grow, mainly via mobile apps, With the mainstream adoption of mobile smartphones and social media, a convergence of loyalty programs, engagement and gamification that’s bringing it all together.

This digital innovation creates the much sought-after customer loyalty, providing a long-term financial benefit to the business by creating customers who keep coming back.


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