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Digital payments : a patent on the multichannel digital wallet

In a few years, banknotes will be considered outmoded. In these weeks, Norway is going to design guidelines of the European legislative reforms about cash digitalization process. In the middle of this Copernican revolution, Paybay obtained an important patent on the multichannel “digital wallet” system that allows to elaborate cloud and p2p payments. In order…

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Movenda and Paybay partnership Make more accessible the use of the Mobile Connect.

Paybay and Movenda. Strategic Partnership to launch unique digital identity for access to the different digital payment services and VAS. Movenda and Paybay in partnership to innovate and make more accessible using Mobile Connect. Rome, march 2015 – Paybay, digital company leader in payment services and value added digital market e Movenda, company leader in…

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Ticketmat. The new dematerialization frontiers by Paybay

Paybay launched with patent pending “Ticketmat”, the totem that enable tickets’ dematerialization, put on Market by QUI! Group, a leading Italian company in the market of tickets and vouchers for corporate welfare, in payment systems and loyalty programs.  Ticketmat allows merchants to de-materialize meal vouchers, benefit vouchers and coupons made in QUI! Group and, soon,…

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Digital Money & Service. Paybay obtained the patent for iPay®

Paybay announces that it has obtained the own patent for iPay®, the omni-channel payment system that enables the de-materialization of cash, payment cards, loyalty cards, coupons and other tickets with a face value in cash. Launched in 2011 as part of its own Business offer, iPay® currently evolved into a transactional gateway, now included into…

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Carte2014, the Electronic Payments Market open to the innovation.

The 19h of November, in Rome was held at the Salone delle Fontane, fifteenth edition of Carte2014, organized by ABIEventi and BANCOMAT Consortium, dedicated to the financial tech solutions for payments industry. Two intensive days in the presence of many speechs from different Manager of Banks and Financial Istitutions. QUI! Group and Paybay was attended…

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CARTE 2014, the Convention on Payments and Innovation

On 18 and 19 November 2014 to be held in Rome at the Salone delle Fontane CARTE 2014, the Conference & Expo organized from ABI in partnership with Consortium ATM. The event is dedicated to payment cards as well as to mobile payments, e-commerce and to other innovative systems and electronic payment services.   An…

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The Italian Retailers ready for the “full digital”

Is ongoing the project launched by Paybay to create first national merchants network linked to “full digital” services Passpartù, the system that allows to validate tickets and coupon QUI! Group branded, with 2.0 tools (POS, Mobile App and Mobile POS, innovative cash registers). Today, Passpartù Mobile Application has reached over 1300 download across different App…

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QUI!Group in partnership with Poste Italiane has created the “Kit of Tourist”

Project QUI!Group in partnership with Poste Italiane has created the “Kit of Tourist” active on Matera city to promote territory using benefits and coupon at ancient institutes, places of culture and tourism, Merchants and local craft. The “Kit of Tourist” is a innovative system, active from April 20, that allows to receive discounts at affiliated…

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The paper coupon swept away by the Digital, the promotions are on Card, Web and Mobile.

The paper Coupons are slowly disappearing with the arrival of digital era, but at the same time, the electronic vouchers on Card, web and Mobile are the most widely used by customers, among promotions. We are far from the first coupon of the story, which was launched in 1987 by the Coca-Cola Company, who did…

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Paybay brings technology in cash register

Paybay brings technology in cash register. The Qui! Group digitization of the network operators has launched. The system will accept electronic payments, validate vouchers and coupons. There are more than 2 thousand “Digital Merchant” active in three months. Paybay in partnership with Qui! Group has launched the project “Digital Merchant”, introducing an integrated acceptance system…

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