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Digital payments : a patent on the multichannel digital wallet

In a few years, banknotes will be considered outmoded. In these weeks, Norway is going to design guidelines of the European legislative reforms about cash digitalization process. In the middle of this Copernican revolution, Paybay obtained an important patent on the multichannel “digital wallet” system that allows to elaborate cloud and p2p payments. In order…

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Digital revolution pass through the Cryptocurrency

In the evolution toward digital business, we are seeing new business designs, enable by technology, that are reshaping the balance of power in established industries and leaving significant disruption in their wake. The ability of digital to change existing value and process chains (either disintermediation existing players or creating a new information based intermediary with…

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Demand for Enterprise Immune System Approach to Cyber Security is Growing in Italy   CAMBRIDGE, UK, and ROME, February 17 2015 – Darktrace, one of the world’s fastest growing cyber threat defense companies and Paybay, leading company in digital payments and loyalty systems, have reached an agreement to integrate their technology platforms, in order to…

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Old vs New Economy? NO, only digital economy!

On December 4, from 09:45 to 13:00 in Rome at Piazza di Spagna, will be held the event “Old vs New Economy? NO, only digital economy!”, organized by CORCOM, the digital economy and innovation newspaper.   The event will host italian disruptive innovators, which will illustrate the most important experiences of digital innovation in our…

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Carte2014, the Electronic Payments Market open to the innovation.

The 19h of November, in Rome was held at the Salone delle Fontane, fifteenth edition of Carte2014, organized by ABIEventi and BANCOMAT Consortium, dedicated to the financial tech solutions for payments industry. Two intensive days in the presence of many speechs from different Manager of Banks and Financial Istitutions. QUI! Group and Paybay was attended…

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