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Mark Johnson’s point of view: on evolution of Loyalty market

Interview With Mark Johnson, CEO of & CMO of Loyalty360, about the future of loyalty in the market. Johnson talks us about what the customers want from the Brand, of the big opportunities of the loyalty market, of new Technologies that are affecting the engagement dynamics. This Interview, will clarify ideas on the future of…

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Fundamental rules to keep in mind about Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs are growing among organizations, that are considering new ways creating new offer. According to a article published by ZDNet, mobile applications are becoming an extremely convenient and easy method for delivering customer loyalty programs to customers. according to Gartner research,(Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2015 and Beyond: Digital Business is Driving “Big…

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Garavaglia’s point of view : on New Payment Market

  This is a new section dedicated to interviews with experts in the various areas of our expertise: payment systems, loyalty & Gamification, Digital Commerce, Couponing and IoT. The second interview involves, Roberto Garavaglia with which we wanted to address the topic of the Payment Systems Market and their new regulations How do you support…

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A lifelong loyalty Program

Every brand intensely focuses on ways to build better relationships and deeper loyalty with their consumers, independently of whether it is a Loyalty circuit retail-based or Exclusive brand-based. From the collection points to the catalog rewards, loyalty programs have grown in recent years, the airlines and credit card companies are the first beneficiary, offering integrated…

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Movenda and Paybay partnership Make more accessible the use of the Mobile Connect.

Paybay and Movenda. Strategic Partnership to launch unique digital identity for access to the different digital payment services and VAS. Movenda and Paybay in partnership to innovate and make more accessible using Mobile Connect. Rome, march 2015 – Paybay, digital company leader in payment services and value added digital market e Movenda, company leader in…

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security ITC


Paybay will take a part tomorrow, February 17th, 2015 at the “SICUREZZA ICT 2015″, organized by Soiel International and scheduled in Milan at the Hotel Michelangelo. The conference, with expo area, is dedicated to both issues, Security and Company Data preservation, and aims to address issues such as: Mobility, cloud, business continuity and digital identity,…

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Carte2014, the Electronic Payments Market open to the innovation.

The 19h of November, in Rome was held at the Salone delle Fontane, fifteenth edition of Carte2014, organized by ABIEventi and BANCOMAT Consortium, dedicated to the financial tech solutions for payments industry. Two intensive days in the presence of many speechs from different Manager of Banks and Financial Istitutions. QUI! Group and Paybay was attended…

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The paper coupon swept away by the Digital, the promotions are on Card, Web and Mobile.

The paper Coupons are slowly disappearing with the arrival of digital era, but at the same time, the electronic vouchers on Card, web and Mobile are the most widely used by customers, among promotions. We are far from the first coupon of the story, which was launched in 1987 by the Coca-Cola Company, who did…

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