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Internet of Things, Risks & Benefits

The devices connected to the Internet of Things will soon be flooding the mass market, connected sensors and actuators make their way onto everyday consumer electronics, household appliances, and on general infrastructure. In this respect, Gartner forecasts that 4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015, up 30 per cent from 2014, and…

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Digital big change

Digital Business Is Driving ‘Big Change’

Digital business connects not only people and businesses, but also connects people and businesses with things to drive revenue and efficiency. Digital business helps to eliminate barriers that now exist among industry segments, while creating new value chains and business opportunities that traditional businesses cannot offer. In Plummer’s (Vp &Gartner Fellow) view digitalization and the…

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Into each digital device there are microchips that enable user to control any transaction, to prevent fraud. A secure method to allows users to store in a e-wallet, money, coupons, tickets and alternative payment instruments. To cross the analogic era, is required see technology as an advantage, in all sectors. In this specific case, the…

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